What is Category & Account


In this app, 'Categories' are the expenses and revenues in the Profit and Loss Statement.

You can customize the categories. "Settings > Categories"


By specifying subcategories, you can grasp the breakdown of each account. The usage varies depending on the business, but for example, by registering A store and B store in the sales subcategory, you can easily analyze the business, such as "overall sales are increasing, but sales from A store are decreasing. Please use this application not only for filing tax returns, but also for business analysis.


In this app, 'Accounts' are the assets and liabilities of the Balance Sheet.

Accounts are assets (such as cash) and liabilities (such as accounts payable). In the pie chart of the balance, whether the amount is positive or negative automatically determines whether it is an asset or a liability.
If you use single-entry bookkeeping, you can set up your account not to be used. If you don't need it, you can turn on "Settings > Hide Accounts" to use the app without considering your account. (If Hide Accounts is turned on, the transactions will be registered 'No Account')